Sample – Sustainability Terms Of Reference

All major activities should have a term of reference document. It is the “Road Map” for all involved. With the Alberta Winter Games one Committee Director asked “Are you going to make us do anything we don’t want to do”. This fear of the unknown often leads to a quick dismissal of the sustainability potential. By the end of the games all directors were seeking ways of making their choices more sustainable.

A sample Terms of Reference:

It is intuitive that the Committee would be committed to a continuous effort to instill sustainability initiatives into the many aspects of the Games and in the larger community. As there are no manuals or guidelines under which the Committee operated, the Committee created Terms of Reference that defined the purpose of the Committee, the duties and roles of the Committee and finally, the Committee’s goals.

The Terms of Reference were approved by the Host Society. These terms define the purpose of the Committee as providing feedback and advice to the Host Society and the distinct Portfolios within the Host Society regarding the creation and development of sustainability initiatives and supporting partnerships within and outside of the Games.

The Terms of Reference also describe the role of the Committee to work with the Host Society to consider the environmental, social, and economic impact of the event and to address related issues that have a relevant or significant influence on the Host Society’s decisions and activities. The Terms of Reference divided the goals of the Committee into the following five categories. These categories formed the structure of all future activities and correspondence:

1. Provide Strategic Leadership
2. Apply Sustainable Practices to the Games
3. Educate and Engage
4. Communicate
5. Provide a Legacy